Yew is simply not a tree to mess with, even if some people may brag they eat the berries. I strongly suggest do not try it !!!

As with all natural remedies consumption of Yew
should be strictlyguided by a qualified herbalist or physician.
This information here is for information purposes only,
and certainly not for prescriptionasthis isadangerousplant.

best use ...  

DON'T USE !!!  Very toxic, and do not even gather edible mushroom, fungi, nuts or any usual edibles that are nearby as the Yew poison can enter them too.

Many shaman people urge others to eat part of the berries, bit I recommend never do this.

qualities of Yew are said to be ...

Very toxic !!!

Yew is unique as I strongly recommend absolutely no consumption of any of the Yew tree plant material at all! Consuming very small amounts can be fatal.

Yew is best known for medical use is a preparation called "Taxol" which is a strong and successful inhibitor of cancer cells, but this is under pharma laboratory conditions. Similar must never ever be tried to be prepared at home.

toxicity? ...  as all plants have a nourishing level and toxic level

A reminder that Yew is totally toxic and fatal from very small amounts.

Another reminder, any other tree, plant or fungi material within 10 metre radius of a Yew tree should never, never be consumed, even if listed as edible such as hazel, apple, and various fungi. The chances of Yew toxins entering other plants local to it are very, very high.

Shaman people may try to tempt you to eat part of the berries, but this is a very dangerous practice that can easily go wrong and be fatal Why do it when you can eat sloes, damsons, raspberries, blackberries, wild strawberries and bilberries?

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