fuel in the hearth

Yew could be a quite a good wood fuel, but due to its toxic nature handling should always be with unsplit gloves. There is a lot of superstition and belief connected to Yew, so to most people the burning of Yew is said to be unlucky.

Because Yew wood is precious, and excellent for crafting, why burn it?


Splitting into logs is usually very easy


Yew ignites fairly easily if well seasoned. It can make perfect start up kindling as it is very easy if cut into small sticks with a hand axe. However, again, superstition may prevent this.


Sparks a little when burning


Always smokes some, even when dry, and that smoke is toxic. Never burn Yew in an open hearth, only in a closed heat supply like a wood burner. Even then question why are you burning Yew. Do you not have access to other wood?

Heat Quality?

Excellent heat and slow burning when Yew is dry but, as I mentioned , only use in enclosed wood burners.


Light fragrance from the wood burner while burning.

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